Food is even MORE important that exercise!

Eating is more important than burning it off!!

Food can really sabotage your weight loss!  It is much easier to eat MORE than your body needs, than to work it off.  In the month of October I was only able to run ONCE.  But I still was able to lose three pounds!

The cravings from white flour and sugar can be as strong as an illegal drug!  You don’t realize that until you’ve been off of the white flour and sugar for a while.  I splurged when visiting Disney World.  And the next morning I was dreaming about waffles!  It blew my mind because I hadn’t even thought about waffles for about a year!  It’s that addicting!  It pulls you right back into the vicious cycle!  That’s why you can’t ‘cheat’ every other day, or once a week.  You have to save those special occasions for your Birthday, a week on summer vacation and Christmas day (Not all of December and the endless parties).

I noticed recently that I was gaining a few pounds.  What liberties was I taking with my ‘just a little carbie’ foods?  Once I started writing it all down I discovered I was eating a ton of fruit!  Fruit may be healthy, but it’s still not good for your carb count if you eat as much as I was!  Sugar is sugar, no matter where it comes from.

And careful reading of food labels revealed that my beloved Breyer’s Carb Smart ice cream had a ‘new formula’.  The “4” on the front of the carton now stood for sugars instead of carbs.  And now there were NINE carbs in each ½ cup!  And I was for sure not eating a ½ cup!!  You can’t trust the processed food companies!!!

I’ve done some research online and found some yummy low carb recipes.  And I need to pay attention to what I’m putting in my ‘pie hole’!!  Now I’m on track to get rid of the extra fat I’ve packed on.  You can too!  Here are the biscuits that I bring and eat at dinners and parties!

coconut_flour_cheddar_biscuits_21 (1)

I use a baking stone, but keep them away from the edge, they ‘leak’.  This makes 10 biscuits.  THREE biscuits have 1.1 grams of NET CARBS!  Calculate net carbs by taking the total carbohydrate amount on the nutrition information of a particular food item and subtracting dietary fiber and sugar alcohol.

Thanksgiving is about friends and family.  Don’t get sucked into eating a ton of junk!  Make sure you are starving before dinner.  Have snacks of nuts and cheese, when you can.  This is a good idea whenever you go to a holiday party.

Turkey and ham are high protein and hardly any carbs (watch out for gravy and glazes).  Sweet potatoes are much better than white potatoes (unless they’re loaded with marshmallows in the sweet potato casserole = skip it!)  Fill up with salad (oil & vinegar or blue cheese dressing are the lowest in carbs) and vegetables.  Peas, carrots (and of course potatoes!) are higher in carbs.  Mushrooms, bell peppers and black olives are much lower in carbs.

Desserts are gonna be tough!  You can find tons of recipes online.  Make one and bring it to the Thanksgiving festivities and you’ll have a dessert you CAN eat!  If you can you could do that with a side dish too!  Try out your recipe BEFORE the big day.  If you can’t make something and you just have to have a carbie dessert, have one piece and then WALK AWAY!!  Get the family to take a walk around the block, go play football outside or something else.

Take control of what you put into your mouth!  You feel better for it!

Please exercise caution and be mindful of your own body. These views are mine alone, based on my own experiences. Always consult a professional for additional guidance and assistance.