Eating Low Carb in the Real World


Make sure you don’t go into a ‘high carb situation’ hungry.  Make sure you have a snack before you leave your house.  Pay attention to how much time it will be until you’ll be eating again.  Don’t set yourself up to be hungry and tempted to cheat!

If you are going someplace with lots of foods you do not eat anymore.  Offer to bring something to share, and make it something that you CAN eat, along with others.

When people offer me their high carb foods, I just say “I can’t eat that.”  It seems to go over better than “I don’t want to eat that.”  If they press me, I just say I lost 30 lbs, and I want to keep it off.  I feel better and healthier this way.  Sometimes it gives you an opportunity  to help someone else into the low-carb lifestyle!

Bring snacks with you that you can eat, for emergencies.  I always have almonds, walnuts and/or pecans in my purse!  If it’s not super hot out, you can carry cheese sticks in your purse!  I’ve seen cheddar varieties as wells as mozzarella.  If you’re a guy, or can’t use a purse, and you’re going to a party – bring it in your cooler with the drinks.  Use your imagination – make it work for you!

I love sweets, but being out I can’t eat ANY of those goodies, when we’re out.  I make sure I have my low carb chocolate chip cookies with me!  They sell tiny plastic containers that keep them from getting crushed in my purse.  *I’ve up-dated my cookie recipe and it’s easier to make!  Check it out below!


When ordering food in a restaurant I always end up modifying what’s on the menu.  What I put in my mouth is MORE important than what the waitress thinks of me.  It’s their job to make ME happy!  I look for the protein and what it’s cooked with.  I can usually dissect something enough to make it editable and fairly low carb.  I order sandwiches without bread and the sauce on the side.  There are lots of hidden carbs in sauces and gravies.  I substitute veggies for the rice or potatoes that comes with EVERYTHING!

When it’s just my husband and I at a restaurant, we tell the waitress not to bring the bread basket.  It’s just going to be wasted, and some days it’s hard to resist!  If I’m really hungry that’s when I pull out the nuts from my purse to tide me over.

I’ve stopped drinking soda, and the caffeine in unsweetened iced tea can bother me.  So what can you drink at a restaurant?!  I get ice water with extra lemons.  Then I add the Stevia I bring with me.  Perfect low- carb lemonade and it’s free!

And it goes without saying I never order the dessert!  That’s when I pull out my cookies!

Cheat days

If you do your research online, you can find tons of recipes that could substitute lots of your old favorite foods.  Then you won’t need to ‘cheat’!  With low carb, you never ever go hungry, you can always have satisfying foods, so you really shouldn’t need to cheat.

Cheat days should only be 2 or 3 times A YEAR!!!  You can sabotage your weight loss very quickly with these cheat days.  There are always “special occasions” popping up!  And when you eat a bunch of carbs, you will get cravings afterward, for more carbs!  So you are setting up yourself for failure if you are ‘cheating’ every time you turn around!

Tip – You need to act like you have an imaginary ‘coach’ and see if she would accept that excuse to ‘cheat’.  Would Jillian Michaels believe that reasoning?

Once you are doing low carb for awhile, your tastebuds actually will change!  I would never believe it if it didn’t really didn’t happen to me!  I can’t stand how sweet some of my old favorites are now!  And carby things like mashed potatoes just don’t taste as fabulous as I remember.  I think is this going to be worth it?  And surprisingly it’s not for me anymore.

Here is my new and improved Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe!  Instead of chopped peanuts, I’m using almond flour.  It’s a lot faster and we like the texture better!


Donna’s Chocolate Chip Cookies – to get the carb count, add up all carbs (minus the fiber) and divide by how number of cookies)

1 teaspoon baking soda                                            1 cup coconut four (sifted)
1 teaspoon salt                                                           1 cup special dark chocolate chips
1 stick of butter                                                          ¾ cup Stevia
¾ cup packed Stevia brown sugar                        1 teaspoon vanilla
3 eggs                                                                           1 cup almond flour (or meal)
3 ¼ tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

Set out a stick of butter to get to room temperature.  Sift together coconut flour, baking soda and salt and set aside.
In a large mixing bowl add the butter, Stevia, Stevia brown sugar, vanilla and vegetable oil.  Once completely mixed, add eggs.
Gradually add coconut flour mixture, bit by bit.  Mix in almond flour.  Once completely mixed, mix in chocolate chips.
Bake on a baking stone or cookie sheet.  With your hands, roll into teaspoon size balls and slightly flatten.  They will stay the same shape when baked, so you can place them close together.  Make sure they stick together, or they will fall apart when finished.
Bake at 325 F for as long as it takes for them to slightly brown.  Do not transfer until completely cool!  Store in the refrigerator.

I hope these tips will help you in your low carb lifestyle!  Send me your questions and comments! I need to know if anyone is reading this!!

It’s not a diet its a lifestyle!!!
Until we meet again ~ Donna