Four years ago, I was 52 years old and 30 lbs overweight!  My clothes were getting tighter and I was sick of hiding my big belly and ‘love handles’.  My husband is 5 years older than I am and he needed to lose 60 lbs!  It got scary when another one of our friends was recovering from a heart attack.  I thought somethin’s gotta give.

We both started eating low carb.  We DO eat sweet, yummy food, it just doesn’t have white flour and sugar in it.  I use coconut flour, almond flour and Stevia in my baking now.  There are tons of recipes online.  My chocolate chip cookie recipe is on the “Tsunami of Food” post!

And at least 3 days a week we run!  I’ve done lots of 5K (3.1 miles)races, 10K (6.2 miles) races and one 15K (9.3 miles).  Some day I hope to do a Half Marathon (13.1 miles)!!  But I have to slowly work up to it – I just turned 55 yrs young!!

Follow me and see what I’m up to!  Donna

                   This is me BEFORE!                                                                                  And this is ME AFTER!!
Fat Donna   Lenten Reflections            26542276_race_0.3014743474058492.display  Skinny Donna